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    Insert Deal


    Following the merger of two companies, ID Insert Deal is an Italian company established in 2004 with almost forty years of experience in making equipment for regulation, filtration and lubrication of gaseous and liquid fluids in the industrial field.

    Founded in the 70’s, the company “Insert”, already having a specific production for compressed air equipment, proceeded to also produce pressure regulators in stainless steel and brass for medium pressures.In the early 80’s, the company “Deal”, took shape and specialized in gas regulators, change over units, flexible connections and manifolds.

    Today, the “know-how” acquired over the years allows ID Insert Deal to offer and guarantee the best solutions for customer’s requests.

    ID Insert Deal has a very vast product selection and manages to meet the diverse needs of the market; it is a dynamic company that brings continuous updates, innovations and new designs. The company has a structured technical department, that, apart from designing products that are in compliance with the PED, utilizes 3D modeling software, calculates the resistance of the bodies exposed to internal pressures and runs trials in the dedicated technical room to measure the flow rates of every single device.

    Winnellie-ValvePressure regulators
    Winnellie-ValveRelief valves
    Winnellie-ValveFilter regulators
    Winnellie-ValveOil fog lubricators

    The use of various materials such as aluminum alloys, brass and stainless steel AISI 316 allows them to cover more fields of use.

    Their flexibility, the use of their own machine tools in their production department, their design department and the attention they give to the customers are all requirements that allow them to offer solutions that can meet the specific needs that you are subjected to daily.

    Insert Deal

    Insert Deal

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