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    Lift Plug Valves



    Lift Plug Valves

    The original lift plug valve invented by SchuF in 1914 is a simple and clever design. The upside down plug and removable bottom lid allowed cleaning in, above and below during operation. It also featured the first block and bleed functionality. The range has be expanded to include high temperature and high pressure version, forged or cast in a range of materials from C12 to Hast/Zirconium

    Benefits of simple, clever and rugged design:

    • Protected Valve Seat (PVS)
    • Total Sealing between body and plug ensures clean cavities
    • Flushing and/or Purging only during operation from
    • Double Block & Bleed
    • Optional flushing valve to flush out any debris above the plug
    • Bottom entry, 3 or 4 outlets in T (90°) or Y (120°)

    Lift plug valves, are Non-lubricated metal seated lift plug valves were developed over 80 years ago to solve problems with existing valves in catalyst cracking service. As the valves preformed so well in this service it was also recommended for use in other hash applications in the chemical & petrochemical industry.

    Lift Plug Valve

    Lift Plug Valves

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